What are #BlankCanvasConvos about? Weekly casual convos with artists about the heart of art. Live on @emilyblackmoreart Instagram on Thursdays, we’ll hear from an artist about becoming an artist, inspiration, and more! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join the convo! We’d love to hear your questions!
Callie Storie Interview
May 28, 2020

During this interview we chatted about how Art History influences our society, provides another perspective on the history surrounding artworks, and influences the works of contemporary artists. @calliestorie also shared about some of her favorite artists @arinze @b.lillibridge #baronesselsavonfreytagloringhoven @kehindewiley and #suzannevaladon. She also shared about her involvement in the upcoming creative project of @antiquegardens.

Kaitlyn Heriford Interview
May 21, 2020

In this episode, we heard from painter Kaitlyn Heriford. She shared about her creative process, becoming a full time artist, and transitioning from realism to abstraction. She also shared about the importance of giving yourself grace and embracing joy and light in the midst of adversity. Check out her work on Instagram @kaitlynheriford.art.

Rohini (Howell) Sen Interview
May 14, 2020

During this casual interview we talked about, Rohini’s passion for conservation and how the animal world inspires her work. Her realist oil paintings show both stillness and movement. We also talked about inspiration and ways to continue making art during busy seasons. You can find her work on Instagram @RohiniSenArt.

Adelia Roberts Interview
May 7, 2020 -

We chatted about growing up as "the art kid", becoming a professional visual artist, discovering her creative process, overcoming creative dry periods, and finding inspiration in nature. You can learn more about her painting and sculpture at adeliaroberts.com.